Class Afloat Foundation

Our Mandate

An experiential education can offer an unparalleled opportunity to deepen a young person’s understanding of the world around them. Our mission is to support young people that wish to engage in experiential learning opportunities and who demonstrate their commitment to learning, leadership and responsible global citizenship.

The Class Afloat Foundation recognizes the benefits of experiential education programs such as the life-changing journey made possible by Class Afloat – West Island College International. The Foundation offers financial support by awarding scholarships to students pursuing such an experience. Scholarship support is distributed on the basis of merit and/or demonstrated financial need.

Volunteer Service Project, Class Afloat

About the Class Afloat Foundation

The Class Afloat Foundation was started in 2012 by a group of people whose lives have been positively influenced by experiential  learning. We are educators, parents and Class Afloat alumni; more importantly, we are unified in our desire to support young people who want to learn from this world and make a difference on our planet.

The Foundation has registered charity status in both Canada and the USA and is dedicated to supporting young people who want to make a difference on our planet.

The Foundation operates as an independent body by maintaining an arms relationship to the school in all matters relating to the setting of scholarship criteria, the assessment of applications and the distribution of awards.

Textbooks and conventional classrooms provide the important foundations of an individual’s education, but engagement in activities beyond the four walls of a school builds a different kind of knowledge. In a digital age, more and more young people want to get out and learn through seeing and doing. As our world continues to shrink, every experience is an advantage; every piece of knowledge enhances one’s understanding of humankind; every connection helps one appreciate both home and the “other” a little more.