About Class Afloat

Class Afloat offers rigorous and internationally acclaimed academic programs for Grade 11, 12, University and Gap year students while they sail the world’s oceans aboard a majestic tall ship. Class Afloat has a long legacy of commitment to academic excellence, community service, leadership and personal development since first setting sail over 30 years ago.

In 1984, under the banner of the International Youth Year, the United Nations invited schools and agencies worldwide to interpret the themes of “participation, development, and peace”. In response to that call and with a commitment to those themes, Class Afloat – West Island College International was formed. Since 1984, over 1800 Class Afloat students have sailed more than 700,000 nautical miles to over 250 ports of call worldwide. 

A 21st Century Education

Class Afloat alumni have gained admission to the world’s leading post-secondary institutions. Now between the ages of 17 and 47, they are engaged citizens whose sense of the possible has been enhanced and redefined by their Class Afloat experience. This exceptional program provides young people with the opportunity to develop as individuals, excel as global citizens and forge lifelong friendships as they explore the world. It is unparalleled and the experience of a lifetime. 

For more information about Class Afloat, please visit their website at www.classafloat.com.