Apply for a Scholarship

Instructions for scholarship applications appear in the forms below. Applicants should apply for either a Merit based scholarship or a financial need based scholarship but not both. Please note that the financial need based application includes merit criteria which will be taken into account when assessing awards for financial need based scholarships.

How do I submit my application?

The first form, for either a merit or financial need scholarship application, is to be completed online by the applicant and emailed directly to

The second form, a reference form, must be completed online by an independent third party who has personal knowledge of the candidate and may include teachers, employers or others who have worked alongside the candidate in a professional, learning or extracurricular context.

Where do I send my application?

All forms, including those submitted by candidates and referees, should be emailed directly to

Please note: All applications and supporting documents must be submitted electronically to: Applications received by fax or by post will not be considered. All information received in support of applications shall be kept strictly confidential and any personal information received shall not be shared with persons outside of the Adjudication Committee.

Application Deadlines

The Adjudication Committee meets annually, in March, to review all applications for the following academic year. The scholarship application deadline is March 31, 2019; decisions will be announced by April 30, 2019.


The Class Afloat Foundation
P.O. Box 10
97 Kaulbach Street
Lunenburg, Nova Scotia, Canada
B0J 2C0

From: Sarah Mack
Class Afloat 2010-2011

Forever be grateful

“This program and scholarship offered me the journey of a lifetime. I am perhaps guilty of saying this with more verve than most, as my experience in the program is coupled with the fact that it would simply not have been possible without the presence of a scholarship. I will forever be grateful to those who made this year possible through the Foundation Scholarship that I was so blessed to have received. The opportunity to participate in this program changed who I was and continues to shape who I am today.”

From: Ellie Teller, Class Afloat 2012-2013

Opportunity of a Lifetime

“Winning the memorial scholarship was an opportunity of a lifetime for me. But this experience has been so much more than that. Winning the scholarship meant gaining a second family, a home away from home and memories that will last a lifetime.”

Past Scholarship Awards