The Class Afloat Foundation Canada

The Class Afloat Foundation (the “Foundation”) recognizes the importance of privacy and we are committed to maintaining the accuracy, confidentiality and security of your personal information. The Foundation’s privacy policy (the “Privacy Policy”) is informed by the Canadian Privacy Institute, the Canadian Centre for Philanthropy’s Ethical Fundraising and Financial Accountability Code, the Canadian Standards Association’s Model Code for the Protection of Personal Information. The Privacy Policy is in accordance with Personal Information Protection and Electronic Documents Act.

The Privacy Policy includes guidance on the collection, storage, use, retention and disposal of your personal information as follows:

When you provide your personal information to the Foundation, you agree and consent that we may collect, use and disclose your personal information in accordance with the Privacy Policy. If you do not agree with these terms, please do not provide any personal information to the Foundation. Failure to provide your personal information to the Foundation may prevent us from offering you the services you have requested.

The information you give us:

The Foundation collects personally identifying information about donors, volunteers and event participants for fundraising, public education and advocacy purposes, service delivery, as well as to establish, maintain and manage our relationship with you.

The Foundation collects personally identifying information, financial information and academic records about scholarship and financial aid applicants, to assess merit and financial need in making awards.

The information the Foundation collects is the minimum we need to establish and maintain a donor or recipient relationship with you. This includes:

For donors, volunteers and event participants

Contact and identification information, such as your name, address, telephone number and e-mail address
Donation information such as date of gift, nature or amount of gift, the campaign you contributed to, name of spouse or partner if it was a joint gift
Financial information such as your payment methods and preferences.

In the case of applicants for merit scholarships and/or financial aid, the personal information we collect is more extensive and may include such further information as:

Information about the applicant’s and applicant’s family’s financial status
Personally identifying information and
Academic records.
We limit the collection and use of personal information to that required to achieve our charitable objects, namely to award financial aid to engage in experiential education opportunities on the basis of merit and/or need.
The names of scholarship winners, their school and program and award information are considered public information and may be published by the Foundation. In addition, student photographs provided to the Foundation, in the form of individual pictures or class pictures, may be publicly displayed. Aside from the foregoing, the information you provide and any other information placed in a student record, or in a personnel record, will be protected and used in compliance with privacy legislation.


The Foundation does not use or disclose personal information for purposes other than those for which it has received consent. If the applicant is a minor, information may be collected from a parent or legal guardian about their financial status. In addition, the Foundation will not collect or use personal information about you from a third party without your express consent. By submitting information to the Foundation you are consenting to the collection of your personal information in accordance with this Privacy Policy. If the Foundation seeks to use personal information for a new purpose it will first obtain your consent.

Consent may be withdrawn:

Consent for the Foundation to use personal information collected may be withdrawn at any time by written notice to our Privacy Officer; however, please note that this may affect the ability of the Foundation to provide the services or complete the purposes for which the information was collected.

Automatically collected information and cookies:

Our website does not automatically gather any personal information from you, such as your name, phone number, or email address. This information is only obtained if you provide it voluntarily, through contacting us via email or through an online form. Any information that you choose to provide will be protected in accordance with the Privacy Policy. The Foundation’s web server logs some information about Internet traffic on our web pages. While we make no attempt to link the information captured to the identity of individual visitors, these logs capture aggregate, generic, non-personal identifying information about visitors such as:

Internet domain and Internet Protocol (“IP”) address from which you access our websites
Type of browser and operating system used
Date and time you access our websites
Uniform resource locator (URL) of the pages you visit
If you linked to one of our websites from another website, the address of that website
Your general geographic location
We use this information to help us make our websites more useful to our audiences by learning about the number of visitors, and by monitoring traffic patterns and the types of technology our visitors use. We do not track or record information about specific individuals and their visits.

A cookie is a small text file containing a unique identification number that is transferred (through your browser) from a website to the hard drive of your computer. It functions as your identification card. It is not a program and cannot be executed as code; it cannot search or transmit any information to anyone nor deliver viruses. The Foundation does not analyze or report on individual user sessions, and never redirects cookies to any other servers. The Foundation may use cookies to:

Monitor website usage and improve the operation and performance of our website to make them easier and more convenient to use;
Measure aggregate user traffic and demographic statistics related to the websites (e.g. number of users, average time spent, average age and similar statistics).
The Foundation and third party advertising providers used by the Foundation may use cookies when serving advertisements.
Accuracy: The Foundation aims to ensure that any personal information we collect and use is accurate and complete and current.

Storage and Security: The Foundation takes reasonable measures to ensure that personal information is stored using hard copy and/or electronic means in such a way as to prevent loss or theft, unauthorized access, use, copying, disclosure, modification or disposal. Safeguards include measures, including, but not limited to:

Restriction of volunteer and employee access to files on a “need to know” basis;
Confidentiality commitments by all volunteers and employees;
Locking up personal information and never leaving it unattended and in plain view;
Technological measures, for example, the use of passwords and encryption.
Periodic reviews of compliance initiatives.
Use & Disclosure: By submitting information to the Foundation you are consenting to the use of your personal information in accordance with the Privacy Policy.
We may disclose your personal information to third party service providers whom we engage to mail our fundraising material, process your donation, or answer your inquiry. These third party providers have access only to personal information that is needed to perform their services and may not use it for any other purpose. They are bound by agreements that obligate them to protect your personal information.
The Foundation does not otherwise disclose personal information to anyone outside our organization without further consent of the affected individual. Nor do we share the information with any board members, other volunteers or employees unless their duties require access to such information to fulfill the purposes to which you have consented.
The Foundation will not sell or rent your personal information to any third parties.

Retention: The Foundation only retains personal information for as long as is necessary to fulfill its purposes. The length of time we retain information varies, depending on your relationship with us and the nature of the information. We will retain all personal contact information collected for a maximum of six years after your last interaction with us. All other personal and financial information we collect for applications for scholarships and financial aid, including our analysis and rankings results, will be deleted or disposed of responsibly within six months after the awards are issued to the successful candidates.

Access: The Foundation acknowledges individuals’ right of access to personal information about themselves; requests may be submitted in writing to our Privacy Officer.

Complaints: All complaints regarding the Foundations collection, use or retention of personal information must be submitted in writing to our Privacy Officer.

Disposal: The Foundation will responsibly destroy, erase, or otherwise make anonymous, personal information it has collected in accordance with the retention periods described in this Policy. The standards for destruction of this information are established by our Privacy Officer.

Partner organizations: In addition to the care that the Foundation takes directly, any partner organizations that may at some point handle personal information gathered by us in the course of their relationship with and service to us, have acknowledged and agreed to meet our standards of privacy, confidentiality and security.

This Website has been developed by and hosted by third parties who have committed to keep your information secure and to not use it for other purposes.

Training of personnel: All volunteers, employees and third party staff who in any way handle or manage personal information are trained on privacy to ensure awareness of the importance of safeguarding any personal information that they are privy to.

Links to other websites: The Foundation provides links to other websites that we believe may be of interest to you. Please be aware that the Foundation is not responsible for the privacy practices of other websites that we link to. We encourage you to read the privacy statements of each and every website that requests personal information from you.

Inquiries and requests for access: If you have any questions about this privacy policy, complaints or would like to access your personal information, please contact our Privacy Officer. Please note that we cannot guarantee the security of Internet mail.

For further information you may contact our Privacy Officer at

This policy was last revised on December 29, 2012.