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The Class Afloat Foundation was started by a group of people whose lives have been positively influenced by experiential learning. We are educators, parents and Class Afloat alumni; more importantly, we are unified in our desire to support young people who want to learn from this world and make a difference on our planet. After all, we know first-hand what a life-changing experience a semester abroad, at sea, or volunteering in a developing country can be.

Textbooks and conventional classrooms provide the important foundations of an individual’s education, but engagement in activities beyond the four walls of a school builds a different kind of knowledge. In an age when the world is literally at a person’s fingertips via the internet, more and more young people want to get out and learn through seeing and doing. As our world continues to shrink, every experience is an advantage; every piece of knowledge enhances one’s understanding of humankind; every connection helps one appreciate both home and the “other” a little more.

Whether young people choose to take a course at a university in a foreign country, complete a school year on a tall ship, volunteer in a community in a developing country, or something else equally interesting and challenging, the insights they gain are immeasurable. The Foundation’s goal is to help young people see their world through a different lens and develop skills that will make them more well-rounded leaders of tomorrow.